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Environmental Mediation Online

I can do environmental mediation online, with many mediation participants, and no need to travel. Virtual mediation is easy to set up and is very efficient. Video  mediation is simple, quick, and easy. Especially now, the ability to mediate solutions virtually (without physical contact between the parties or the mediator) is an excellent way to move forward toward solutions, and ending litigation or the need for litigation.

Contact me to set up environmental mediation online.

Typical mediation sessions involve face-to-face meetings with all mediation participants. They can be challenging to set up and manage when there are large numbers of mediation participants, especially if mediation participants are located a long way from the mediation site. In many environmental mediations, partcipants come from all over the country—at great expense. The travel alone often consumes three days for one day of mediation.

Online mediation, video mediation, or virtual mediation offers several benefits:

  • Online mediation is simple, it’s as easy as reaching for your computer or phone.
  • Online mediation can be done in the privacy of your own home—with the Zoom app, you can even choose a background that participants will see behind you, so you don’t need to worry about picking up, or not being in your office.
  • Times can be arranged to suit the parties’ convenience.
  • Parties don’t have to meet at all if they don’t want to interact—they can have separate time slots, or can appear on different screens.
  • Nobody needs to travel.

I’m Doug Simpson, an experienced mediator and lawyer with a process that helps people solve major environmental problems, environmental litigation, and environmental insurance issues working virtually using online mediation as a tool. Contact me to set up environmental mediation online.


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